Multi Family Micro Living Investment

A lot of architects promise to “ask why, earn trust and be a partner.” That’s nice, but so what? I mean, what does that really look like and how does it relate to building projects? The 140 Lofts are a prime example of how this plays out in the design process.

Lake House

Lake house design for new family residence.  Home to include an upper level dedicated to the children with two bedrooms, library, study area and jack and jill restroom.  Library overlooks main level living area.  Main area living is a two story space which includes kitchen, dining and living area with fire place.  Patio space opens up to living area.

When is it time to engage an architect?

What is your crazy idea? What do you want to create, build, or rework? Do you believe you know how to improve the built environment? Do you have a concept that will change the world? Let me help you draw in the masses and get it done.

Bill's house

No matter how big or how small the sacrifice our actions impact the community we live in. They inspire and motivate those around us. They lift up not only the spirit of those who were helped they bring a sense of pride in ourselves.

Needing your help...

3ten Studio is busy and needs your help to bring people's dreams to reality.

Top ten reasons I fly fish

Fly fishing is one of the most challenging ways to catch a fish. Maybe it is merely my lack of skills that helps me to justify this statement? A group of us will head to a stretch of river and while we fish the same river I consider it a good day to walk away catching one or two while others in the group might get a dozen. There is obviously a skill to catching that I have yet to master. So why do I continue to come back for more? I don't go for the catching I go for the fishing.

Retail Success: The Strip Center

What makes for a successful retail center? We all know the adage: The most important feature of any piece of real estate is location, the second is location and the third is location. To find that location, a good real estate broker will examine things such as traffic count and direction, demographics, site visibility, co-tenancies and tenant exclusivity – just to name a few items a good broker and architect can do to help find just the right piece of ground. Now that you have the right location, and you’ve started designing your center, what else factors into retail success?

History vs Progress: Can't we all just get along?

We can have our cake and eat it too. We can keep our wonderful historic structures and allow them to function by today's standards. Something "Old" should not be put into the pasture to be viewed at a distance or relegated to a museum where people are only allowed to gawk at you. Just because one is old does not mean it is useless. "Old" is also not a reason to keep something around not if it keeps one from moving forward.

1st and New York project

What do you do with a 22,000 sf, free-span, empty metal building? How about 13,000 sf of trampolines? That is what Get Air is bringing to Wichita and this is how 3ten Studio helped it become a reality.

Obtaining your dream

Do you have a dream but are not sure of the next steps? Are you ready to find your space in life? Taking that first step can be nerve-racking and downright scary, especially for the novice. It's okay. There are experts around you who are here to help you make those dreams come true.